The Idea

The idea behind STATESIDE MERCANTILE was an easy one - a modern take on a general store. A place where we could supply people with quality goods made by craftsman, artisans, small designers and makers here in the USA. We want to support small designers, as well as a few heritage brands that still make their products “stateside” (though the definition usually refers to the 48 states, we will carry items made within the 50 states). The assortment will also include modern essentials, encompassing products that are locally sourced and made responsibly, as well as some vintage finds. We focus on bringing you - the costumer - a well curated collection of pieces from clothing to housewares, children’s items to apothecary needs. The focus for us is on well made items, that you will hold onto, and perhaps even pass down.



Style & Quality

We at STATESIDE MERCANTILE take two things very seriously - style & quality. We love to look handsome, chic, badass, cute, beautiful, tailored & dapper. Our belief is what you surround yourself with, dress yourself in, eat out of, tuck your baby in - should be of the greatest quality and make you feel wonderful. We try to seemlessly blend modernity and heritage, while looking polished, elegant, tailored and laid-back. Our buyers research the brands/items we carry to make sure, you will have a well-made item of quality that you will fall in love with over and over again - each time you use it, wear it, lace it, and hold it! Our goal is for you to buy something once (I mean if you really LOVE it and buy more than one - that’s cool too!) Our hope is for the item to become a staple, your go-to, the thing you can never let go of, something that lasts.


Our items have all be made in the USA - that means they’ve come from a studio, small factory, jeweler, ceramicist, doll maker - but keep their “production” local. A majority of these items have been handmade, and bare a personal touch.


* Vintage items sold on the site, are not handmade, unless specified. Vintage items cannot be guaranteed to made be in the USA.